Does the American public really understand that Donald Trump is dangerous for the country?

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I am not sure that the American public fully understands that Donald Trump is dangerous for the country. I say this because as of this writing, Mr. Trump is still quite competitive in the current Presidential polls. I think that if the American public was fully aware of this man's history of character issues, questionable judgement, unstable behavior and criminal association, there would be a universal groundswell in this country to keep him from the White House and all of its daunting responsibilities. One of the most obvious examples of Donald Trump's questionable character is his creation, Trump University. As anyone who has studied the controversies surrounding this issue realizes, it was nothing more than a get rich quick scheme powered by Mr. Trump's characteristic aggressive lying. Much of what he billed as his uniquely profound real estate advice was in fact, information that could be found for free by anyone willing to spend enough time on the internet.

What Mr. Trump bills as the reason that he should be elected, his business acumen, is contradicted by his remarkable history of business failures. While some can defend a Chapter 11 as a sound business move, most experts believe that the four bankruptcies that Donald Trump declared in twenty-five years is excessive. It should be clear that this track record of judgement makes Mr. Trump unsuitable for the presidency. What would have otherwise been amusing, had it not involved a current presidential candidate, is the incident years ago where Mr. Trump boasted about his popularity with women, while pretending to be his own hired spokesman. When he was interviewed in 1991, by reporter, Sue Carswell, Donald Trump pretended to be someone named John Miller. This "John Miller" who was supposed to be a newly hired public relations representative sounded suspiciously like Mr. Trump and had an unexpectedly impressive knowledge of Donald Trump's history with the opposite sex. The fact that Mr. Trump thought that this was a plausible and convincing lie was amusing back then and is quite frightening now.

It is an amazing accomplishment in itself that someone with a past association with the mafia as thoroughly documented as Mr. Trump's is still in the running for an office that grants control of the nation's nuclear weapons. Absolutely no one is denying that Mr. Trump had an association with the mafia. He had dealings with such luminaries such as "Fat Tony" Salerno, the Lucchese crime family, the Philadelphia mob as well as at least one Chinese triad. When asked about these associations, Mr. Trump does not deny the associations, but rather explains how they are good and necessary for business. To be honest, we have had Presidents who have previously been rumored to have associations with mafia, but it is most certainly unprecedented to have a President who openly espouses those types of relationships. Such a president would turn the morality of the American way of life on its head.

Does every American understand that Donald Trump is dangerous for the country? It would appear not to be the case, given that Mr. Trump is still a competitive Presidential candidate. One would hope that the all Americans of voting age become cognizant of the true nature of this man's character well before the November election.

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