Can Rick Perry's conservative healthcare plan defund Planned Parenthood, and cost women their rights to a safe abortion?

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Rick Perry's conservative healthcare abortion legislation was referred to as Draconian. A US District Judge blocked the measure based on the grounds of the freedom of speech. Rick Perry's conservative healthcare plan would require a girl or woman to sit through a lecture on anti choice being given by a doctor who doesn’t agree with its content. Its been said that Rick Perry is a zealot against abortion rights and that extends to contraceptives, and sex education, both of which Planned Parenthood provides. It is also said that Rick Perry's law shows his contempt for women, their dignity, and intelligence. Rick Perry became the sixth candidate to sign an anti-abortion pledge from the Susan B. Anthony List that commits him to a set of radically conservative anti-abortion measures if elected president, and one of the first things he has vowed to do is to defund Planned Parenthood and any other organization that performs or funds abortions and to end all taxpayer funding of abortion, domestically or overseas.Rick Perry signed S.B. 7 into law. One of the most conservative anti abortion legislation in the country, and basically making it illegal to receive an abortion in the state of Texas, and degenerates women. The law compels the state to formally ask for a Medicaid block grant, defunds abortion providers such as Planned Parenthood, allows Texas to enter a health care compact and implements co-payments for non-emergency visits to hospital emergency rooms, among other provisions.

In Indiana funding for Planned Parenthood is on hold while a judge determines if the new law to defund Planned Parenthood is legal. If the funding is denied Planned Parenthood Indiana would be forced to close at least seven of its clinics in poor, rural or medically-underserved areas, lay off up to 30 health center staff and displace an estimated 20,858 Medicaid patients from their primary health provider. None of the clinics that would be shut down provide abortions.It seems as if Rick Perry's conservative healthcare plan to defund Planned Parenthood just might work. He is successfully shutting down Planned Parenthood clinics that provide healthcare to those who otherwise would receive none. When looking at defunding, Planned Parenthood in many states are concerned about patients in out lying areas whose only clinic is the Planned Parenthood clinic. They’re concerned about the teenage girls who will get pregnant, or develop a STD. Where will they go for a life saving Pap smear? Then there are the young married couples planning families and trying to get pregnant. Where do they go? Planned Parenthood spends only one percent of its budget on abortions. It performs life saving screenings, and provides life saving medications, on a daily basis. When an unemployed 28 year old man who has no assets, no money, and no home is turned down by the state healthcare system because he doesn’t qualify he asks, “What does it take to qualify?” The only response received, ”You just don’t qualify.” Where does he go? Where does anyone go?

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